For applicants - What is Master’s degree program?

Master’s degree program is the second tier of the two-tier higher education system. This system has been got as the result of Russia’s higher education system reforming done to meet the Bologna process (the Bologna Process is designed to form the unified European integration of Higher education to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher education qualifications). To enter Master’s degree program one is to graduate a bachelor’s degree program or a specialist’s degree program.

The main aim of Master’s degree program is to train a person able to develop a successful career in International and Russian companies, able to perform analytical, consulting and research activities.

Shadrinsk State Pedagogical Institute started training Masters in 2009. There were five programs “Pedagogics”, “Physics and Mathematics Education”, "Social and Economic Education”, "Applied IT", "Philological Education”. Since 2011 the Institute effects training in “Pedagogical education”, “Professional education”, “Applied IT”, “Special (speech pathology) education”, “Psychological and Pedagogical education”. Since 2014 ShGPI is going to start training in “Linguistics” and “Religious Studies”. Each of these has several programs covering main areas of training.

ShGPI offers different modes of attendance for students of Master’s degree programs subject to their basic training and their preferences. Training in some Master’s degree program is effected according to the student’s individual education plan which is shaped under the supervision of a course director of the particular Master’s degree program and a research adviser. While Master’s State Final Certification a student is to defend his/her Master’s thesis and to pass the graduation exam.

Subject to successful completion of the Master’s degree program a graduate is conferred the Master’s degree in his/her major.

Master’s degree program not only deepens one’s knowledge on his/her major but trains a person in any Master’s degree program regardless one’s basic training.

To enter Master’s degree program one is to have bachelor’s degree or specialist’s degree. One may enter Master’s degree program if he/she has already Master’s degree. One may enter Master’s degree program regardless his/her basic training.

Full-time attendance Master’s degree program takes 2 years. Extramural studies takes 2,5 years.

Entrance examination is done in the form of an interview aimed at appraising applicant’s general knowledge and finding out his/her personal purpose to acquire some particular Master’s program.

Master’s degree program ensures the purpose of the continuing education will be achieved and this education will be effective. Master’s degree program links higher education and postgraduate studies. It ensures effective training of scientific and teaching staff. It helps a person show his/her research ability thus to shape his/her future area of activity.

Master’s diploma is declared valid both in Russia and abroad. It allows a person to develop a career and to appraise his/her self-abilities.

Master’s degree makes a person feel confident, find a well-paid job, ensure his/her professional development.

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ShGPI welcomes everyone to receive up-to-date Master’s degree education.